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These could be logically grouped into sensible categories. Let's just say that while you can work through the menu to find the various settings you need, other manufacturers organize their menus far better. Bottom line: The best overall performance on the market today. To any one with a little experience with transceivers, the front panel is a near perfect design.

Flawless receiver, outstanding transmitter. With experience you learn where everything is and you get used to it's complexity. I wish Yaesu would learn to field-test their products with actual end-users. Maybe then they would get to that last bit of refinement that would make this product truly outstanding. That is to provide some simple means of switching to a constant carrier with a selectable power output - say 10 watts. This would allow the adjustment of external tuners and amplifiers.

The fact that this doesn't seem to be a consideration on any major transceiver is surprising. Once again, why doesn't Yaesu get actual input from active hams on what they need. This is ridiculous. Why force the use to make or buy an adapter just to get headphone audio? After several weeks of use I still find the menu a pain in the butt. I wanted to add DNR because a signal was dropping into the noise.

Now you can adjust DNR. This is way too much work. Too many buttons on the front panel are way too small. I really think transceiver design should be form follows function rather than what the is which is function follows form. The is pretty but it lacks true functional layout and engineering.

Far too many features are buried in the complex menu. USB ports are on the front rather than the back which means more wires to deal with. You'd think wireless keyboard and mouse would solve the problem. I tried 3 different wireless mice. None would work. The menu is much easier to use when you have a mouse attached. But, if there's a wireless mouse that will work with the , I haven't found it. A great receiver and transmitter.

I give them 5 stars. Navigating the menu with it's tiny text on 29 little tiles - this I give 1 star. It could be so much better. If you're the least bit sight limited - this is not the radio for you. Every label is very small. Now one last thing: If you have a radio that can accept text from a keyboard - why in the world can't I have a terminal mode where I can type and send freeform text? The Icom IC could do it years ago. MacloggerDX This program is essential for my sheer enjoyment as a Ham.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to Don about a radio that I am thinking about buying and asked him if MacloggerDX would work on it. Why would I ask him such a question? This package, MacloggerDX and Don Agro is a great value that will never be beat by any other logging company. An that my friend is a guarantee! Great Job Don and keep it up! When you buy software you want to be sure that it's supported software, that the feature set is growing and that tech support is there for those few times when you need questions answered.

The answer to all of those questions is YES. I have been using this program for years, and it just keeps getting better. Virtually every feature you would ever want or need for everyday logging: supports every popular radio, telnet, QRZ integration, awards tracking, and much, much more!

On June 1, Fernando Arroyo Z21BB wrote: Second to none I moved on to Mac a couple of years ago, and was hesitating for a while about changing my logging software as I had been using the same excellent Windows-based one for so many years and was very familiar with it. So I was still using that one for a while, running Windows in parallel with my Mac.

The discontinuation of support and updates to my old logging program finally prompted me to take the step and look for a good Mac-based option. MLDX is not just good; it is actually very, very good. It is a joy to use, very simple and intuitive, and yet very powerful and sophisticated "under the hood". But the best thing about this program by far is Don, the engineer behind it.

Updates are frequent, suggestions by users are heard and considered and, in brief, support for the program is just second to none. It is work in progress. It has only become better and better over the years. Worth every cent it costs. I can only echo what others have said here. Far more than just logging software and puts some other commercial software to shame.

All I can say is that if you are Ham with a Mac then this software should be on your machine. Keep up the good work Don. Being a fairly new ham licensed in and a mac user for both work and personal use my goal was to find a native program to run on my mac's. Well the after trying the free ones and the other shareware programs I kept finding issues. It was either they were not written directly for the mac with not so friendly mac interface or they did not do provide what I was expecting of them.

One of the reasons for choosing MLDX was that it has a smooth workflow that can be tuned to almost any operators style on how he likes to work his station. This coupled with the practically instantaneous response on support questions made the choice that much easier to make for the purchase. This coupled with cocoamodem and my SignaLink USB have logged all of my contacts both digital and phone.

Don, keep up the good work and always look forward to your new features. I have been using MacLoggerDX since it was released. It is the finest logging program that I have ever experienced. I have used many of the Windows loggers over the years and all of those designed for the Mac. Many are quite good, but in my humble opinion, none come close to MacLoggerDX. The best part is that the program just keeps getting better. The person behind this software is Don Agro and he is simply amazing.

His support of this program is the best that I have experienced with ANY software. I've owned it for nearly 8 years now, and the regular updates are welcome. It gets along great with just about any rig you can think of.

I've only used it with Icom, but it supports Ten-Tec, Elecraft, Yaesu, Kenwood, and anything that uses their protocols. You can carry your log with you, monitor the DX spots, and even do some rig control wirelessly! None comes close to MacLoggerDX for its simplicity, elegance, and capabiities. Hardly reason enough to rate this excellent programming effort so low. Every piece of software ever written can be improved, but is it the RIGHT improvement for the majority of users. I wrote code for over 40 years and understand the total effort and dedication it takes to design, develop, code, debug, and most importantly SUPPORT software that handles so many functions, radios, and interfaces.

Don is a master of each. A well written virtually bug free software program that has excellent developer support. Even if a bug is found DON works with the users and squashes it. KUDO's Don. Features, bug fixes and support for new rigs are produced very quickly within 1 day for the K3 and the service is personal.

I've been using Macs since and this is one of the best programs I've seen on a Mac in fact, on any of I don't know how many platforms. I'm a relativily new ham Sep'03 and this program has helped me get started and contiunes to do more than I can currently foresee me needing. That's not to say its over complicated, its extremely easy to use, yet very comprehensive. Suggestions for features etc get added within days sometimes within hours, one today within minutes!

There has never been a "must upgrade" comment. And MaxLoggerDX is writen to accommadate this. There are really no competing products for this group. MacLoggerDX organizes the information from the cluster and presents the results in an easy to use fashion that makes award chasing easier. It provides easy, fast, and automatic control of the radio, the SteppIR antenna and the rotor.

Don Agro provides absolutely excellent customer service. Problems and issues are resolved within hours usually and sometimes within minutes. Updates new betas are posted frequently. Is this an ever evolving product? Will the support I need be there when I need it? Will the product provide the functionality I need? As a side note i got better support from Don on osx I do have technolust ;- comes from being a ham Don has taken user input for suggestions for improvements, new features, and even possible detected bugs directly direct email to him and not thru user group and responds quickly for a resolution.

I have made a few suggestions over the years that have been incorporated within an hour of my email. Other suggestions that have not but Don clearly explains the reasons. There is also great support from the yahoo user group from actual users and which don monitors and responds.

Overall great product support. On the issue of functionality. This is first a logger program with a rig interface, with internet interface for dxcluster operation, with interface for call lookup that are both free internet service and paid services ie qrz. There are other interface i havent even tried. To me, the main purpose of the software is to make everyday hamming easier. It can work in a contest by selecting various contest features. That said, i have used it in various dx contests with ease and success.

The popup contest helper does help and checks for dupes as you type the call and calcs your qso rate. The alarm feature has significantly allowed me to maximize my available hamming time to chase dx. Been trying to get to confirmed on LOTW alone. Right now stand at lotw confirmed. The alarm function allows me to set parameters for ones i need confirmed and who qsl via lotw.

The spot panel columns as well as the other panel columns are user configured. Put them in the order you want and you can select the sort order on the columns you want. I am able to easily import and export adif files and have used adif files from arrl lotw site to update the log for lotw qsl confirmation.

I have imported adifs from rumlog too. Overall a great Mac Based Logger program for everyday hamming. Not a dedicated contest program but has a sufficient set of contest modes and helpers that make the transition from everyday use to contest use easy for the casual contester. The displays are also configurable and flexible.

Support is the best I have ever experienced. Virtually all bug reports and many suggested improvements are acted on immediately and made available as a download, often within minutes to hours. It integrates cleanly with Cocoamodem for digital modes and has its own CW keying features. One might wonder why SV1HFY is so critical, but I guess we all have known folks who think that anything that's not perfect is trash. It's likely missing some pet feature of his.

It does have some shortcomings as a contest program, but that's not what it's meant to be. I got back on the low bands and MacLoggerDX is making things easy. I know some people won't want to pay for a program when there are free alternatives, but the support on MacLoggerDX is phenomenal, even on the weekends. Open Source, not so much. It doesn't do everything I want, but what does? How many applications do you have that allow you to get an immediate response from the person who wrote the software when you have a problem?

Even though my radio is too old to take advantage of the computer control feature or interface with the program directly I find this an excellent logging program that I use every time I'm in the shack both to log all my contacts and to see what is happening on the bands. I also use PC based programs and it compares quite well.

However, he failed to do some rudimentary investigation. I think the author was very responsive to what most of his clients wanted. On Apr 17, J. Plus, it pulls all of the relevant info from your radio. The best part is the near instantaneous support from Don.

He even returned an email on Easter morning when I was having radio connectivity problems!!! I would highly reccomend it, don't be scared off by the price, it is worth it!! Since much has already been said in previous reviews about the wonderful features of MacLoggerDX, I will only add - Buy this program and enjoy using it along with Don's great customer support.

It's worth every penny. On Mar 5, M. There are several reasons for this. The first one being the support you get from the designer of the program Don Argo and I needed a program that would work well with my Apple. I have never meet Don but he has answered everyone of my questions and gets back to me when he gets my e mails. I have found many companies are never around when you need them once you have purchased their program. This is not the case with Don Argo. I have had all the versions of MacLogger DX from day one and each time a new version comes out it is even better.

The graphics are unbelievable and to be quite honest everyday I discover it will do something else I had always wanted in a logging program. My data base is QRZ. The different maps that you can choose from are fantastic. You make the contact it shows a line to the contact on the map and gives you the distance in miles and at the same time brings up all the information of the contact as well. The log itself is simple and gives you all the information you could ask for.

It you want the program it to turn your beam it will do that as well with the right components. I hope one day to have the pleasure of meeting Don to thank him personally for his help and advice. There is a free download which he offers. Do yourself a favor try it and if you do get it be assured Don will be there to answer any of your questions. On Mar 3, R. It becomes intuitive after just a little use and the layout is the very best.

Of course, this is on my Mac-Mini. I have wkusb keyer connected as well and it is very smooth and easy to use. If you have a Mac, this is the program for your operating activities. On Nov 6, H. His suggestion worked FB and I am stunned at the outstanding customer service, a rarity in this day and age.

As to the program, it does what it says it will do and does it very well. I highly recommend it! Now I'm writing one of those reviews and understand why the program gets all those rave reviews. MacLoggerDX, for myself, brings my contacts to life. I see their pictures, the map of their location, their names, all this info the instant I type in their call sign. I swear he never sleeps! I have emailed him at all hours and usually get a reply within minutes if not faster.

I am not a tech guru, and his support is priceless. Saw the reviews of MacLoggerDX and decided to try it. I'm glad I did. It does everything I want for logging QSOs. A wide range of features as you can see on the dogparksoftware. It works as advertised. Supports control, etc for a wide range of tranceivers. Lots of features under one software roof. Support from creator Don A. Try it - you'll like it. I have used this software for over a year now.

This is my second review. I added a second review as I like using this program more every day. It is incredibly easy to use, it has great features including graphics, award tracking, instant QSL card generation to email a contact and the best feature is the ease of uploading QSO's to LOTW. Support from Don is nothing short of incredible. I cannot imagine ever going back to a PC based general logging program.

The only feature that I do not use is the contest logging featuree as MacLogger DX grabs a lot of data for each entered call and frequently it provides far more data than a contest log needs. More bells and whistles than I'll ever use. Love it. Quality, updates.. Again, wonderful. Helps me make the most of my radio and contacts whether DX chasing or rag chewing. I use MacLoggerDX as the logging program on my Mac and the two programs work together extremely well.

The iPad version works very much like the Mac version. It is easy to sync the log on my Mac with the iPad. QRZ Online works well with both the cluster and the log and this is probably what I enjoy most about the program. I enjoy automatically seeing the photos associated with the different spots, just like on the Mac. It is also nice seeing the spots on the map. I always have my iPad with me and it is very convenient having a copy of my log, and DX spots with me.

The unfortunate thing is that it is too easy to see what DX I am missing while I am working! However, after downloading 1. I didn't think it was much of a log book program if you couldn't search previous contacts or even look at them without scrolling through the complete log.

Well, most of not all of my concerns have been addressed in version 1. Now that I can search for existing contacts and quickly be able to list previous QSO's with a tap of the "green" button the log is transformed in to a powerful tool It's great to be able to have the iPad app control MacLogger on the desktop and using Airfoil I set up audio so I can hear what the radio is hearing. As I loaf on the patio if I see an interesting spot on the iPad I can take a listen and decide if I can hear the station and decide if it's workable before I run back in to the ham shack.

Very useful app. Connected to the iMac with a USB cable direct from the radio. Works great. I like the look up using QRZ. MacLoggerDX is nothing short of fantastic! I will let others review all the details but you will not be disappointed with the product or the customer care.

Last week I wrote Don saying that I was looking at getting a new rig, just introduced. Incredible support!! I also coupled it to my radios with the Black Cat interface. The support from both of these products has been superb. Responses to queries are prompt and the Yahoo user site is very helpful.

Does it have every feature you can imagine?? Of course not, no software package does, however i am very satisfied with my choice and would recommend it to others. Version 5. There is a whole bunch of contest logging stuff - but I'm just a little pistol DX-er. For DXCC chasing - this program is my all time favorite - on the best platform! I am fairly new to amateur radio, licensed just over two years as of this writing. I was somewhat worried about finding useful software for my Mac, given the preponderance of Windows and even DOS based programs in use.

Don, the author of MacLoggerDX is one of the Mac believers, that uses the best the platform has to offer to produce an excellent piece of software. MacLoggerDX is a swiss-army knife program, does clusters, logging, mappiing and more. I know I have not used all of it, but the parts that I do work well for me. Don is very responsive on the support Yahoo group, and on those few times that there is actually a bug in the program, instead of a user-misunderstanding, upgrades are regular.

I cannot give any comparison to similar products, but with a free trial available, if you have a Mac, you should give it a try! This logging program has so many neat and useful features that it is pointless to describe any of them here. This is a very good and complete description of the program. My interests are varied and my station setup is rather complex with three radios, a SteppIR antenna, a Yaesu rotator, and an Expert computer controlled linear amplifier. MacLoggerDX handles all of these simultaneously.

Anything I want to do seems to be provided for. The author, Don Agro is readily available and extremely helpful. Problems are solved in days, often in hours. This software is constantly being upgraded. New features are added almost weekly. MacLoggerDX is at the top of the list of things that enhance my amateur radio experience.

Quite simple and straight forward to use, even for computer illiterates like me. Some times the call look up is a bit slow, but that may be my internet connection. Lots of good features. Support is excellent; quick response and help which is appreciated. I'll be upgrading to the newer version 5 in the next month when my iMac arrives I've been using it on a Mac-mini I would give a 5 but I haven't seen any software that deserves a 5.

This program is as good as any PC based program, without questionAt least in my experience, it's not useful for contest work. Yes there are some suggestions and contest feature but I've not been successful in their implementation remember computer illiterate , so I use a PC based contest program. The downside of Apple continues to be a somewhat limited menu of software, Ham radio included.

Highly recommend. I have been using it to call CQ on 10 meters today with good results. A few days before the voice keyer was added the CW keyer appeared and both are quite excellent. These two keyers make remote operation of the station even better than ever. When MacLoggerDX is used to follow the DX Cluster incoming spots are automatically looked up via your favorite database site I use QRZ , their photos placed on the Logging screen, their call and location verbally announced and their location plotted on any one of three different maps.

If you are a contester, which I am not, it will provide all of the support required for most if not all awards. I have been a ham since and have used a computer in the hamshack since If you don't have a Mac then you really should get one : On Jul 17, Brett Eisenberg AI5C wrote: Just Keeps Getting Better When considering the purchase of any software solution, there are two very important characteristics that can be difficult to ascertain: how frequently the software is updated, and how responsive the developer is to support requests.

I've been using MLDX since version 3. Anything I would say would echo all the rave reviews already here. Don and the software he develops is simply unbelieveably great! This man never sleeps! I had some problems mostly my stupidity and he went way above the call to help me.

I just can't say enough good about him and his software. If you're a ham and have a Mac, buy now! Brand new, dual core iMac and it runs great. VERY fast. I have had nothing but great results with MacLoggerDX. Early on I had a problem with the radio interface — sent Don a question — and his quick response fixed that operator error. I could not be happier with its performance — even better than v4. The newest version has been rock solid from its first release.

Today I found a small problem with v5. I emailed a description of this to Don and got a response 12 minutes later along with a new beta that fixed the error. I can tell everyone from experience having been a software engineer since this type quick of a fix in several hundreds or thousands of lines of source code is pretty amazing.

He is one of the most prolific software engineers I have ever had the pleasure to come in contact with. He supports his product and his customer base. The experience was amazing. MLDX talked to the right off the bat, with no issues. Logging was made extremely simple with the Call lookup capability, frequency reading, and the spotting all in one package.

Over the years, MLDX has seen continual improvement, from new features to new radios. There is an active online message board that everyone should join, if they use MLDX. Export was easy, and I haven't seen any problems yet. I can't wait to pick up a new HF rig, and a new MicroHam interface. Well I came across this software and have been very pleased.

This is great software. It plots locations of contacts on a world map, has DX spotting and can tune automatically to DX spots. I have not been dissapointed in this software. I have had non-HAM friends see it in action and wtahced there jaws drop open. If you have a mac, this is the one to go with. Must have been reading my mind.

So far works great. Operator error. Now all 3 logs are the same. Haven't gone any further in controlling my rig though. Glad this app final came out and it works great. Not to worry! MacLoggerDX is an excellent, easy-to-use program with many nifty features. It is very easy to install and setup. The software includes a DX-Cluster "spot" database and free internet station lookup. It's really neat to HEAR a spot announced, see it's address and it's location plotted on a world map and have your radio tuned to the spot frequency!

AND, if you have a compatible antenna rotor, it will even turn it to the appropriate direction. Last but not least, the support is top notch. Very rapid response to emails and easy to follow instructions. A trial version is available, but once you try it I think you'll buy it. You won't regret it. He is likely the most patient man in the business. Beautiful interface. It's a product worthy of being used on a Mac. I have seen it evolve over the years. I use it on a day to day basis for casual operating.

In addition, there are extensive memories and schedules to make sure that you never miss a net. This feature allows it to integrate with other Mac programs cocoaModem for example to automate logging. The support for this product exceeds anything I have seen for any software on any platform. It didn't. I emailed Don and within 12 hours he had written a driver for the TS and posted it to the web site. This is absolutely stunning. The longer I use this software, the better I like it.

More than any rig or any accessory, it is the cornerstone of my station. Logging is just the tip of the iceberg as I use it for contesting, award tracking, and QSL'ing. If you are a Windows user, it would be worth buying a Mac just to use this software.

It is that good. MacLoggerDX was the obvious choice when I got my licence and it's been in use in this shack for nearly a year. I like the interface, the features and the flexibility, but most of all I like the rapid response to problems of its developer, Don Aggro. No matter how dim my question, or how how badly I have screwed some procedure, he's always there to reply crisply and effectively within a few minutes.

I'm not sure if there's one Don or a whole bunch of them. It doesn't matter; for the modest outlay, this is superb software. On the few occasions it hasn't worked - operator error, inevitably - I've felt bereft. In short, a terrific product and customer service way beyond the norms.

My english is not as good as I would like it to be, in order to say all the good things there are to be said about the MacLoggerDX. In the almost two years that I have used it, not once have I had any problems with it, and the times when I have fouled up things, Don's response has been practically immediate, very courteous and accurate.

A click to look up button gave me all the needed information. All the information imaginable a ham may need or want is contained in the program. All that I can say is, if you have a Mac, get it, if you don't, get one, so that you too can use this unsurpassable program. MacLoggerDX has been in my shack in daily use for over 6 months. I find the package feature reach, stable and intuitive to navigate e.

The software permits customization of features such as ordering the fields in the log book. Data entry is easy, and like any mouse driven environment, your speed of use will increase if you learn to use the tab key and keyboard shortcuts. MacLoggerDX threw an error message at me and stared back; that blank stare you get when all the fields go blank and the error message means nothing to you.

I suspected a problem with my online provider, but being the typical end user my first contact was the company responsible for the software I was using at the time of the problem. To my surprise on a Friday night, I got a response within an hour or two of my email. Not only did I get direct contact with the developer, he worked me through the problem even though both he and I knew the ultimate resolution would come from my third party callsign provider.

Don Agro, the developer of MacLoggerDX, asked the right questions to guide me down the path of enlightenment. This was all accomplished without condescending mightier than thou techno babble and defensive posturing occasionally found from software developers both small and large. Don takes pride in his work and I believe he is genuinely happy to help his customer base.

Needless to say, I have nothing but kind words for Dog Park Software; the company and individual. In my opinion, MacLoggerDX is the most flexible and feature rich package available on the market for the price. The dynamic map is an added bonus that I find particularly attractive.

The map displays the location at the other end of the QSO on a well crafted digital image of the world — this of course all assumes the other op is sitting at his QTH. I surmise from the reviews of others they too find the software easy to use and stable. It would be nice to dynamically resize the display fonts and window dimensions from within the package without going through the OS.

It might be in there, I'll have to look for it. Needless to say, there were small data entry details that took a bit of use to get comfortable with, but it only takes a day or two of casual use before it becomes second nature. Recommendation: Buy It. In 2 months even when running multiple tasks like DX clusters Logging and internet lookup it has never crashed.

It is a very stable program with all the features you could want. Type in a callsign hit lookup and get all the information you need. No more pulling out maps to see where Palembang? Run the DX clusters to see if any rare DX station are on the air. Just click on the station and it will tune your radio there. Contest Helper is great to check for duplicate contacts without performing a search.

I'm leaving out a lot but don't want to go on forever. You will never find tech support and problem solving anywhere like you get from Don. I emailed him on a Saturday expecting answer on Monday. If you have a Mac what are you waiting for. I saw one review that said this is unfinished software. I have to disagree. It works great as is and is constantly being improved and updated so it never gets old. After 30 years, I decided to move to computer logging. While I've used windows for most ham applications, when it comes to "mission critical" apps and files, OS X is the clear choice here.

What an incredible program! After three weeks I am still learning all this program can do. And the support Don Agro has answered my emails during the wee hours of the morning, holding my hand thru one little question after another. I am very very pleased--with the program and the support.

They say software should drive hardware choices. This is the best logging program available; regardless of the computing platform. I use a Windows computer occasionally, and I have not found anything that even comes close to the elegance, ease of use, and feature set of MLDX. This software has become as much a part of my station as any radio or accessory. In every case, it has been something that I was doing wrong and never a problem with the software.

Don has the patience of a saint. This is great software with excellent support, an enthusiastic group of users, and every feature you could possibly want in a logging program. On April 2, Jeffrey M. The Best Mac Logging I have seen, with tons of features. Take a look at this, and judge for yourself! On February 28, B. The program ran flawlessly while I ground through the pile-ups. At the end of each day, I imported logs from the other operators one who also used MacLoggerDX, and the others who logged in their own PC-based programs to help produce on-line searchable pages for the DXpedition web site.

MacLoggerDX is rock-solid, elegant, versatile, and the cornerstone of the software suite I've developed to support my DXpeditions and DXpedition web sites. MacLoggerDX still remains one of the best investments I've made in the hobby. This definition does not do Don Agro's product justice as his service and support is far beyond this or anything else I've experienced since starting in the digital computing world around There has not been one issue that I have encountered and requested help with that has not been met not only with the correct answer, but in an incredible short time frame.

This man really knows his product inside and out, and then some. Also, whenever a suggestion has been made, it is incorporated into a new revision, sometimes within a day. That my friends is unheard of. All products can be improved but when you see continual progress in response to user needs you certainly feel rewarded for giving your patronage to this company.

And a super reasonable price for what you get to boot! Additionally, there is an incredible community of users in the DogParkList where others share their experiences in resolving problems, or giving you ideas how to progress, as well as Don himself. No, this program, its creator, his support, help, quick response time and service is beyond exemplary. Look at all the reviews and draw your own conclusions.

On February 27, Richard M. When I wrote my review, I overlooked many neat features, that I hadn't discovered, like a full memory panel. Some years ago my wife gave me a Swiss Army knife and I put it in my pocket. A couple of years later I was bugging her for some tweezers, and she said casually, " They're on your knife.

You never know when you may need a tweezer! The world map is great, and there is also a clever 3D mode. MLDX is also extremely well supported by Don Agro, whose efforts to improve the product and help users are tireless. He is working on Universal Binary versions, contest modes etc - and also develops MacDoppler, a very neat satellite package.

Highly recommended and extremely functional software - it makes DXing on a Mac anything but a compromise! Not only is Don one heck of a nice person, who has built one incredible app. Well, Don was not only kind enough to offer to try and write a driver for my unit, but he did it in record time of less than 24 hrs.

Good luck finding a company like that in this day and age. I would just be repeating what others have already said before, but you can be rest assured that I am one Happy Camper here. To think, I now have a Collins rig that is computer controlled, and works like a charm! Thank you Don for making such a wonderful program for us Macintosh hams! We all really appreciate your wonderful hard work and love for this hobby. I bought it within a day of downloading the trial.

After moving to a Mac from windows I did a bit of searching for a good logging programme and found a few that did some of what I wanted but nothing that did everything I wanted. As a ham who lives in a rare location I need something that can handle the pileups, let me process the data, and handle QSLing.

I also dabble in the big contests. My rig is a K2 and Maclogger happily talks to that. The only time I turn this off is when I am working a pileup at high speed. In this case the CD access is too slow to keep up, not Macloggers fault. However I loose none of the info because I can select the log entries for that session later and Maclogger will look up the selected entries and insert the missing information.

I've recently got an always on internet connection and started playing with the DX clusters. This part of Maclogger is as highly configurable as the rest and works really well. There are a bunch of features I haven't really got into yet such as; the user call book, scheduling, memories, bands, tnc etc. I have a simple station K2, and OCF dipole for 80, 40, 20 and 10m which also works on the WARC bands, and a vertical for 15m so no need for rotators of beam headings, but Maclogger will supply all this info and control your rotator if you have one.

Awsome support - I had have had two reasons to call on Don the author for help. The first was when I found a bug in the split and vfo radio controls - Don had that fixed in a day. I found that I could not buy 10 row label sheets anywhere on the Islands.

I emailed Don and asked if he could add a 3 colum 8 row label format and specified a particular brand and type of labels that I could buy. Don had a new version supporting my label format up on the site before I knew it. I tested and reported back to Don and over he next day we fine-tuned the format until it was working perfectly about 6 versions I think it was.

All in all excellent software, and support better than any I have ever seen! On Mar 3, Bill Hammond AK5X wrote: Superior support There are three things that we must ask ourselves when thinking about any software purchase: Is this a living product? This worked for a while just great. One day the program and the rig just stopped communicating. I believe the problem was the USB to serial converter.

I ordered it, fired it up and oops, it keys the rig continuously. I tried every configuration I could think of and the problem persisted. I emailed microHam with no response. I emailed Dog Park Software with my problem and within an hour Don replied and asked for a bedbug dump and screen scrape of the configuration. I provide both and in no time he noticed I have a check mark in the mh block on the preferences screen in error.

I try to remove it but it just wants to be there. I replied with this result. Before I had time to apply the work around he emailed me with information that he had a fix on the website to download. Now back to the three criteria for purchasing software above. Is this a living product? Yes, new rig interfaces and features are constantly being added, example microHam.

You bet it will, read above. They gave me more support in a more timely manor than I expected. Honestly, I use about half the functionally of the product. Having said that, with low sunspots, I find that just learning what the product will do is almost as fun as working a new one. Thanks, Don. The attention to detail of this elegant software is exceeded only by the thoughtful planning and layout which went into it. Mac software wizard at work here. Given the limited data interface of the , MacLoggerDX uses it all.

I'm looking forward to trying the MicroHam products now supported by MacLoggerDX, and appreciate the other posts on this eHam review thread. I'm a relatively new ham, but I'm not new to the software world. I've been developing computer software and hardware for almost 25 years. MacLoggerDX has exceeded all my expectations. I can't say I've put the software through it's paces. I'm taking my general in January, so all my HF play is on the receiving end at the moment.

No contesting, no pileups, no packet Let me repeat that. Don has given me informed, concise, and accurate answers to every question I've asked him. I can't stress this enough. If he can answer all of my stupid questions about integrating my D to my computer, he can answer yours. That's priceless. It makes the reasonable amount of money I paid for the software seem too little. I've never dealt with an individual developer who was willing, able, and happy to provide this level of support.

Don clearly loves his products, and loves ham radio. The software itself seems amazing. It runs on my underpowered laptops just as well as it does on my desktop. Don spends the time to optimize. This is the best software product I've bought in years, for any purpose. This is one amazing piece of software.

Be warned: if you see MacLoggerDX in action, and you don't already have a Mac, you'll run out and get one just to run this software. I'm serious. It doesn't try to control every function of the rigs, just the important stuff. The Contest helper function is very nice for avoiding dupes - this works in real time and is very handy.

One of the best features: the map. I've really sharpened up my grasp of geography since using this program. There's an optional 3D feature that's well worth getting - this renders the earth as a globe instead of a map, and you can spin it with the mouse.

This really helps visualize the path your signal is taking. It's also great fun to see dots all over the globe showing the stations you've worked. This feature ranks very high in the "Wow! As others have indicated, Don Agro provides amazing support. Last weekend I decided to set up MacLoggerDX with a ProIII and MicroHam keyer - it worked, but I wrote to Don suggesting that he add the ability to toggle autospace and typeahead in the MicroKeyer - I was astounded to get a reply maybe two hours later indicating that he'd added the features and the new version was ready for download on his web site This is an absolutely great piece of software, with fantastic support.

It truly is a top notch program with top notch support. Don has always been very gracious in hearing my needs and responding with a solution usually within the hour. This program really is a "Swiss Army Knife". I find a new features everytime I use it. If you want a program that grows in parallel with the hobby, you've found it. I was looking for a logging program and found Don's MacLoggerDx.

This program has let me re-gain the thrill of Amateur Radio. When I had to find a interface between the Mac and the Icom, Don came to the rescue again by providing info on Ampkeyer. He then assisted me in a few little bugs that were my own to get me fully interfaced. I would certainly reccommend MacLoggerDx to any new or old timer who needs to upgrade to modern Amateur Radio. Thanks Don for yor support. I am having great fun and doing it easy. Each program has its own cons and pros. They extend from simplicity to complexity, plain to many cosmetics and add-on features.

In other words, no one program had 'everything' contained in one package under the same window. To me it was a big WOW when I opened the program. One of the most important features that I liked most again from my own perspective is the Panels feature. You can browse any panel just with a click of a mouse and you are there. In other words you have everything you need under one ceiling, especially if you are too demanding like me!

If you bump into any query just drop Don a line and you see him like sitting next to you providing help and assistance. I think MacLoggerDX is a total hit in logging programs. In fact it made me totally migrate from Windows PC to Mac! I highly recommend MacLoggerDX for the demanding user. I have never had such a positive experience with Mac software, its developer and support. This product is enough to convince PC users to switch to Mac--its that good. Back in May I had trouble with my Piexx card that interfaced with my rig.

Don worked through the problem with me, even when it wasn't a software, but Piexx card problem.

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Startups, on the other hand, are highly illiquid. When you invest in a startup, you should expect that your money will be tied up for at least three to five years, if not more. Although you can have the opportunity to liquidate through secondaries, its not a guarantee, and your investment will likely take years to mature and materialize, says Ammar Amdani, a partner at early stage venture capital firm Adapt Ventures.

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This time, a longer-term recalibration is the most likely scenario. Quinney College of Law. Contrary to longstanding practice and to their reputation for investing in public companies, mutual funds, including some of the most prominent, are allocating portions of their portfolios to private venture-stage firms, including famous unicorns like Airbnb and Uber. A Case Study of Fidelity Magellan Funds Investments in Unicorns and the Regulatory Implications , I analyze whether the securities laws adequately protect mutual-fund investors from the risks that arise when their funds add this unique asset class to fund holdings.

This proves crucial in human resource management, financial management, and business decisions, which young entrepreneurs may lack. Cons Securing funding can take a long time Venture capital firms have to assess whether investing in a company will be feasible and can help to generate favourable returns.

This can take a prolonged time, which can delay funding. Forfeiture of complete control and ownership Can be challenging to secure Due to the ever-growing number of start-ups, securing a VCF may be challenging. Recommended Reading: Savings Ira Vs Investment Ira Reasons To Invest In Open A mutual fund is a separate legal entity which collects savings from small individual investors and institutions in exchange for partial ownership in that particular fund. Mutual funds allow individuals and institutions a way to get their wealth professionally managed by licensed asset management companies.

They are extremely popular globally due to various benefits including tax rebates, professional management, a secure trust-like structure that provides protection, and exposure to a higher return asset class such as equities. For Bangladesh, mutual funds have numerous unique benefits which are largely unknown to people. We have listed 6 such benefits below: Benefits Of Venture Capital How to start investing Business expertise — Venture capitalists come with valuable expertise, advice and industry connections.

They are expert professionals who have deep knowledge of specific market standards and can keep your business from experiencing many downsides that are usually associated with startups. Additional resources and connections — Along with monetary aid, VCs can act as HR consultants for the startup. They are specialists in hiring the best staff for your business.

This helps in avoiding the hiring of the wrong person. It also offers a number of other such services such as mentoring, alliances and skill training. Business expansion — Venture capital provides large funding that a startup requires to expand its business. This form of investment is not possible through bank loans or other methods. Better Management — Since venture capitalists hold a percentage of equity in the business, they have a say in the management of the business.

So, if you are not good at managing the business, the VCs can offer great assistance. Risk Aversion — For a promoter or founder of a startup, there is no obligation to pay back the seed funding in comparison to a bank loan where it is mandatory to repay. The VCs take the investment risk because they believe in the companys future success. Startups are super risky. Theres possibility for total loss, Schryver says. The vast majority of your investing dollars should ideally be in index funds and exchange-traded funds , or even just individual stocks.

Startups are illiquid investments. If you bought a stock today and changed your mind tomorrow about your choice, you could easily sell it. Startups, on the other hand, are highly illiquid. When you invest in a startup, you should expect that your money will be tied up for at least three to five years, if not more. Although you can have the opportunity to liquidate through secondaries, its not a guarantee, and your investment will likely take years to mature and materialize, says Ammar Amdani, a partner at early stage venture capital firm Adapt Ventures.

It takes time to see results. Even if a startup succeeds, it still could take years before theres a result from your investment. You have to be patient and have holding power in order to give your portfolio companies time to grow, Amdani says. Functions Of Venture Capital In the past five years, venture capital has played a critical role in sparking the startup revolution in India. They have successfully boosted the Indian economy by creating a new paradigm of disruptive economic growth.

Many startups have become unicorns, rivaling the best of India Inc, simply because of venture capital funds. Listed below are the various functions performed by venture capital funds. Through VCFs, many startups and small businesses have finance and skills to develop their product even at the pre-start stage. The primary focus here is to provide resources for overall technological innovation. VCF is managed by a group of experienced professionals who help the startup in developing a business plan.

The business plan focuses upon market opportunity, the product, the development and financial needs. This allows for better ways to meet the business objectives and efficient management of the technological innovation. Venture capitalist also have a large network of other ventures across different industry. This is essential for a small business when it comes to professional networking.

Apart from providing financial aid, Venture capitalists are actively involved in supplying a broad spectrum of specialist services — technical, commercial, managerial, financial and entrepreneurial. Electric was founded by entrepreneur Avichal Garg, 39, and software engineer Curtis Spencer, In , while he was still in high school, Garg began his tech career by cofounding an education technology startup. He went on to major in computer science at Stanford and later worked as a product manager at Google.

Then he and Spencer cofounded Spool, a bookmarking startup that let consumers save articles and videos on their phones. Facebook bought Spool in a small acquisition in , and Garg and Spencer stayed at the social media giant for several years before starting Electric Capital in However, it provides the same function as an ETF, giving investors low-cost, diversified exposure to innovative, fast-growing young firms. All of these companies have demonstrated strong growth in terms of users or revenue, and their IPOs are highly anticipated.

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In the wake of Russia-Ukraine war, is it opportune to enhance large-cap equity exposure?