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Couch potato investing 2011 chevy

Although Ford and Europe share a long history, Ford's goal was to match the global expansion set forth by its competitors, GM, Hyundai, and Volkswagen. The current state of Europe Union, however, with its debt crisis, has led to a very unfavorable market for car sales.

Many analysts believe that Ford is making a good decision and they are on the correct path for future growth. This week, however, analysts at Caris, an investment bank that does equity research, has downgraded the Walt Disney Corporation from above-average to average because they believe that Disney has very little room for more growth.

Disney is unique because their revenue comes from a range of diverse business segments. The main money-makers are the Media Networks ABC for example , the amusement park and its studio entertainment. The company is currently running into problems with its Media Networks due to defferred affilate fees, the subsciption fees that Disney should receive as the distributor of the cable TV networks.

Some analysts believe that, since Disney's amusement parks are still going strong, the company will see more growth in the future once it begins to receive its expected affiliate fees. Analysts say that the underlying reason behind GM's increased support is that, although both companies are experiencing the same type of problems in Europe, etc.

Ford, which was not bailed out, has rarely been in the news for its problems. Its competitors GM, Hyundai, and Volkswagen have established markets in Asian countries and Ford, desperately trying to catch up, has outspent itself. As long as Ford continues to spend billions in an attempt to expand in Asia and Europe, the company will see very little profit. The company plans to have 15 new models of Ford in China by Time Warner claims about 12 million cable customers nationwide. Despite the impressive customer base, Time Warner Cable is the last major cable network to negotiate with the NFL channel.

After 9 years of negotiation, the two companies have finally reached an agreement that both sides determined to be of fair value. This news does not only please sport fans but investors as well. The Time Warner stock has increased since the news. Sony Struggles to Keep Up After a not-so-impressive release of the Sony Tablet P in early , Sony continues to search for its place in the electronics industry.

The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Kazuo Hirai, devised a plan for restructuring which would include: laying off 1, employees, moving headquarters from Lund, Sweden to Tokyo and shifting its focus from traditional smartphone manufacturing to innovative smartphone offerings like video games to provide a clear alternative to Apple and Samsung products.

The Xperia smartphones can capture and share images simply by touching two smartphones together. The phone is now available for pre-order in India and has been featured in the Bond movie "Skyfall". Sony hopes to be a major force in the industry within three years. This new network will provide customers with higher speeds, up to 1 gigabit per second. Time Warner will be installing this network in Brooklyn and the financial district in Manhattan. Time Warner has not yet announced what it will charge for this new speedy internet connection, but its aiming to attract business customers who will benefit from the additional speed boost.

August 22nd, Netflix is continuing to expand its range, with its video-on-demand service scheduled to roll out in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland in the second half of Netflix aims to offset its slowing expansion in the US market by expanding into Europe. Netflix will face a new challenge as it enters northern Europe: many people are accustomed to downloading movies, for free, off of websites such as the Pirate Bay.

However, Netflix does not have serious competition in the legal video streaming business, as other Stockholm based video on demand companies have been unable to negotiate distribution deals with content producers. August 1st, Sirius XM is bringing new programming to the air this month. This show is geared at listeners who speak both English and Spanish. It will play the music that inspired Juanes, as well as his own music, and broadcast interviews with Juanes. Ford investigated, and concluded that the fire was a unique case.

On June 18th, it happened again, this time to a Canadian Escape owner. Another Ford employee driving an Escape experienced a fire on July 11th, which prompted Ford to recall 11, Ford Escape vehicles with 1. The engine fires are believed to be caused by a flaw in the fuel lines, which were manufactured by TI Automotive, not Ford.

The fuel lines were mechanically scored, which could cause them split open and leak. Production of the Escape continues, despite the recall. Cars Land has been in the making for five years before finally opening to the public this summer.

Cars Land includes three rides, two restaurants, a snack shop, a clothing store, a toy store, and a souvenir shop. The Radiator Springs Racers, one of the rides, has proved to be extremely popular, with people waiting in line for up to three hours to climb on.

This increase in visitors may allow Disney to increase admission prices. July 10th, Currently, there are 5. On July 27th, the number of shares will double to This means that there will be more shares of Coca-Cola than people on the Earth. The board of directors decided to split the stock as to make the stock available to more people and to further increase its value.

If you currently own one share of Coca-Cola, after July 27th, you will own two, but the value of your original share will be decreased by half. The amount of your investment would remain the same; it will just be distributed differently. Investing can really pay off. June 28th, Time Warner Cable is introducing a new type of usage-based internet service plan in south Texas.

With this new plan, users who use less than 5GB of data a month will receive five dollars off their bill for that month. This plan is aimed at light internet users, and not those who regularly stream or download music or videos. Households that select to subscribe to this plan will be able to track their data usage with a meter provided by Time Warner. Time Warner Cable has previously tried to offer usage-based internet service plans, however, it previously discontinued these plans after a large public outcry.

This time, the usage based plan is different, as it is not replacing the unlimited data plans, rather, it is an alternative for light internet users who wish to reduce their monthly bill. June 25th, This summer, PetSmart is teaming up with Bret Michaels to release a new line of pet accessories.

The collection includes toys, beds, collars, leashes, bowls, and even clothing for your pet. While some of parts of the line are more decorative than functional, like doo-rags or hair bows for dogs, others are genuinely useful. The pet economy is a multi-billion dollar industry in America, in , Americans spent fifty-five billion dollars on their pets. This new line will allow PetSmart to expand its sales into unexplored territory.

Do you think this line will be successful? Do you think its success or failure will affect the value of PetSmart's stock? June 25th, While Netflix originally was a mail order movie service, in it expanded into the video-on-demand industry. This shift into the video-on-demand industry introduced a new cost: the cost of the bandwidth necessary for streaming media. This is a substantial cost, and Netflix, like all businesses, tries to reduce its operating costs to increase its profit.

To reduce the cost of bandwidth, Netflix is developing its own content development network. Netflix will distribute its content over this network and not have to pay internet service providers that they previously used to distribute their content. How do you think Neflix's investment in its infrastrucutre will affect its stock price?

It will cover The Wimbledon Tennis Championships from the first day of play on June 25th all the way to the finals, which will be held on July 7th and 8th. Throughout the championship, SiriusXM will provide its listeners with thirteen hours of Wimbledon coverage daily. From through , Sirius had an agreement with Wimbledon, allowing it to broadcast the championship. How do you think this deal will affect SiriusXM's stock price?

Nutrisystem believes that its product availability in grocery stores will complement its already existing direct sale business. These products are good sources of fiber, nutritionally balanced, and low in fat and calories. Nutrisystem helps people lose weight by producing balanced pre-prepared meals and snacks with low glycemic indices.

Perhaps this expansion into grocery stores will help Nutrisystem boost its income in June Ford Sees Green! Summer is the time to get out and explore. Many new families will be out exploring in new Fords this summer. Not only is Ford Motor Company showing leadership in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of its vehicles, but the company is also being recognized by the Environment Protection Agency E.

Ford is bursting through the fuel efficiency market with electric vehicle options and battery innovations. Ford is working hard to reestablish its role as an automotive power house. Summer sales along with the unveiling of models will be sure to make Ford F a stock option to watch. Brave will be released near the beginning of summer, on June 22nd. As she attempts to lift the curse, she learns the true meaning of bravery. The Odd Life of Timothy Green, based on a story written by Ahmet Zappa, follows a young boy who suddenly appears in the lives of a childless couple.

However, this is no ordinary boy, as his parents soon discover. The Motion Picture Association of America has given both of these films ratings of PG, or parental guidance recommended, making them ideal for families to see during summer break. May With the recent addition of Ford Motor Company to offered SIF stocks, current news will begin to include the automobile industry.

Beginning in the automobile industry began to fail. We saw major losses during the recession and both GM and Chrysler declared bankruptcy. Currently, it looks as though the industry, including Ford Motors, has recovered and is looking forward to robust growth. According to government data, half of the growth in the entire US economy during the first quarter of can be attributed to the automotive industry.

While the industry wide decline hurt Ford Motors, it did not force them into bankruptcy like many of its competitors. This bodes well for Ford, demonstrating that it may be in a good place to withstand future hard times. With the economy recovering, and automotive companies leading the way, now might be a great time to invest in Ford Motors!

April Have you ever tried Coconut water? Coca-Cola thinks you should. Last week, Coca-Cola Bottling Company announced it had acquired a majority share of Zico, making it the primary owner. Some investors think this is a fantastic purchase for Coca-Cola. The Coconut water industry has seen vast growth over the past few years and is currently being marketed as an alternative and healthier sports drink.

Pepsi Co. After introducing the ingredient into several products, Pepsi decided to pull the plug and backed away from coconut water because it apparently lacked profitability. Some skeptic Investors are wary Coco-Cola may be heading toward a similar fate.

With such a risky project being undertaken, Coca-Cola stock looks to be making major moves either up or down over the next few years. In Sirius XM reached its peak in value at over 60 dollars per share. A rapid decline over the next two years brought the value down into single digits. Since this time Sirius XM has remained at this low value, today trading at roughly 2. With stock prices continuing to stagnate and Liberty Media fearing they will not get their money back, they are considering taking over Sirius XM.

The price of the company and limited future prospects may keep Liberty Media from this course of action. Sirius XM is in the business of selling satellite radio hardware and subscriptions. Although subscriptions have increased from Online competitors such as Spotify and Pandora Radio offer similar services without the expensive subscriptions. This news has investors in Sirius XM stock cautious and worried.

April Sony seems to be falling behind the curve on new handheld electronic devices. Unfortunately for Sony though, the response to the tablet has been less than positive. Even with lawsuits and other negative media generated toward Apple, the new iPad is still outselling the new Sony Tablet P.

This new product is also failing to control a new portion of the market. With its foldable design, the Sony Tablet P was supposed to attract a new audience and offer new features. This has not happened; Consumers are instead finding few advantages for the device and are choosing to purchase other products. At the conference Sony had planned to release its newest gadgets but failed to impress media representatives, allowing its competitors to steal the show.

March Netflix may see a major shift in its business and its product over the next year. Recent data suggest that online viewing will more than double from 1. While this news is significant on its own, it is also certainly expected to impact Netflix in multiple ways. The company was originally created on the idea of distributing DVDs to customers through the mail.

It has since expanded to be the largest online subscription plan to unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows. Since Netflix is such a dominate force in online streaming they are expecting to benefit from this change. What do you think? Will growing online movie viewers and shrinking DVD sales help of hurt Netflix in the coming years? March Walt Disney finished the month of February having gained 7.

This trend was a continuation of high returns since the start of Many analysts are stating that an improving economy will lead to potential future growth for the entertainment giant. As the economy continues to stabilize and improve many investors feel Disney will benefit from increased sales at theme parks as well as on content sales such as movies and toys. Another big break for Disney could come with media offerings. Disney products appeal to all ages.

Alternative content-delivery companies like Hulu and Netflix know this very well and will be fighting for the rights to air Disney content. This should give Disney the upper hand in negotiations and allow them to receive top dollar for their products going forward. Febuary Late last week Coca-Cola Company surprised its investors by releasing its full report.

With these areas already consuming large quantities, increasing sales by this much is enormous. This growth appears to show that Coca-Cola is not being affected very much by the global slump in the economy. Although Coca-Cola seems to be a great investment right now, there is room to be cautious. The growing issues with the European economy and high exchange rates between the American Dollar and foreign currencies my slow future sales.

Two larger reasons for concern are the health consciousness of consumers and the lack of diversification by Coca-Cola. With many consumers become more conscious of their health, the amount of soda being consumed may decrease.

Furthermore, unlike its competitor Pepsi Company which also sells snack foods and orange juice, Coca-Cola only sells soda. PetSmart prides itself because it supplies healthy, all natural pet foods and a large portion of exclusive products. Recently, they have expanded their services, now supplying grooming and boarding services for dogs. In the coming years PetSmart expects to open locations in North America. With such steady growth and plans for a large expansion, PetSmart stock prices are on the rise!

February As the domestic automobile industry begins to recover, Sirius XM Radio may see their profits rise in A large percentage of Sirius XM subscribers choose to listen to content while driving. Sirius XM has made deals with several automobile manufacturers such as Ford and GNC, where they offer free trail subscriptions to new owners. When the free trial expires, a portion of the car owners decide to continue using Sirius XM. With the number of cars sold in the United States growing, and with this trend expected to continue, it makes sense that Sirius XM would see an increase in sales.

Sirius XM stock prices have exceeded expectations and risen over the past year. Will this trend continue in ? This was demonstrated by low growth levels throughout the health industry over the past 4 years, but this may change. Weight Watchers, an industry competitor of NutriSystem, had decided to target a new audience. Weight Watcher is now expanding their advertising to target both men and countries such as China.

Can NutriSystem recover from a disappointing ? Will they be able to target a larger market like their competitors? The FDA is considering recalls on certain oranges, pending further investigation. Companies like Coca-Cola, which own Minute Maid, face the possibility that if this recall happens, demand for their orange juice products will plummet. It took half a year before these prices were able to get back to their previous highs.

Experts don't think that this orange problem will grow as large as mad cow was. But if Coca-Cola begins to face higher prices for their oranges, they could be forced to sell their products for a higher price. This could lead to even less demand for these goods, as consumers could easily turn to other drinks.

How big of a problem do you think this is going to become for Coca-Cola, and how much do you think its stock price will be affected, if at all? Netflix typically buys film and TV show DVDs that it rents to customers through wholesale venues, thereby taking advantage of volume discounts. It's not a huge financial hit to Netflix, but it is a signal about what the competitive landscape looks like. The unusually long-term agreement provides a window into the future of television viewing and how its content will be consumed.

On November 9th, Petsmart launched its new online store, Petsmart Boutique. Items on the website feature special new items, including ones that can't be found in store. Is now the time to sell Petsmart stock at its high, or do you think their increasing success will continue? November Have you ever had a free sample? Did you know that Sirius has incorporated the idea of a 'free sample' into their business model? Sirius works with the car companies to gives free trials of their satellite radio service to people who buy new cars.

Then, Sirius hopes that when the trial period runs out, the people will decide to subscribe to Sirius satellite radio. Right now, not enough people are deciding to do buy Sirius for themselves. Sirius's satellites are getting older which may mean they will no longer be able to guarantee crystal clear service.

Additionally, other companies like Pandora and Spotify internet radio companies may be a cheap, alternative way for people to listen to radio in their cars in the future. Sirius's response is to now try to give trial satellite radio service to people who buy used cars, essentially giving away more 'free samples'. The way the economy is going, there has been an increase in used car purchases.

Do you think Sirius will be able to pull in enough new customers? Endemol is looking to restructure their amount of debt, because they have already needed to extend their loan period with their lenders, which suggests trouble for Endemol.

This is another option for them to consider, now. What do you think will happen? October Following their rerelease success of The Lion King in 3D, Disney has announced that four more of its classics will also be rereleased in 3D. Beauty and the Beast will appear in theatres for a limited time in mid-January.

Finding Nemo, which was the highest-grossing animated movie of all time before Toy Story 3 came out last year, will hit screens this summer. Next will be Little Mermaind and Monsters, both set to come out in Historically, movie rereleases have not been successful, even for hugely popular movies like Star Wars. Do you think Disney's success with 3D rerelease will continue, and if so, how great of an impact can they have on the stock of business giant like Disney?

October Have you ever seen a Coca-Cola commercial? Then you've seen Coca-Cola's marketing work in action. Everyone can remember famous Coca-Cola commercials and slogans from years past. Yet according to the European Brand Institute, Apple is now beating Coca-Cola in "brand value" which tells how powerful a company's label and name are. The study looked at the 3, companies from 24 countries! This is the first time the institute has looked at companies on a global scale.

It isn't just Apple and Coca-Cola - the top 10 companies were all from the U. Will Coca-Cola take its place back at the top? Sony announced that it will continue to bid on a big British music company called EMI. To buy EMI, Sony would spend about 3 billion dollars. Other companies also want to buy EMI and might bid a higher amount to buy it.

Do you think a takeover of EMI by Sony will help its stock a lot, a little, or not at all? How long do you think it will take for Sirius stock to start showing profits, and how long are you willing to wait? September Instant TV and movie provider Netflix has announced that it expects to lose almost a million subscribers in the upcoming months, giving it a total of 24 millions viewers, down from the previous Customer losses are expected to continue into , as no signs indicate otherwise.

Do you think Netflix can bounce back from these losses, and if so, how long will we have to wait? As a result, some customers may stop subscribing to Netflix in protest; even to the point of switching over to other services. How do you think the change in monthly fees will affect the worth of Netflix stock?

The last price cut was in when they released a slimmer model. The Playstation 3, turns five this November, which is old for gaming consoles; the main competitors, the Microsoft the Nintendo Wii, are six and turning five, respectively. Video game consoles are generally released every four to six years, so the Playstation 3 is now a senior citizen, as far as consoles are concerned; however, the addition of the Playstation Move in may help keep the PS3 alive for longer.

Sony is also releasing a new handheld console, the Playstation Vita, sometime before the holiday season this year. How do you think lowering the cost of the PS3 and the release of the Vita will affect Sonys stocks? It was also noted that Sirius stock is directly related to the automotive business.

This is because most of Sirius income is made when people buy new cars and they can purchase the radio service at the same time. When a certain stock is linked to another industry, its important to pay attention to both. Over the years, the price change in Sirius stock seems to go along with the recovery of the automotive industry. A lot of people think thats not just a coincidence. Right now, shares of Sirius are inexpensive when compared to its potential and the growth that may be coming from the auto industry.

Just like banks give their patrons interest for using their services, companies regularly give their shareholders dividends, or a small amount of the companys profit. This increase in revenue was available to PetSmart shareholders on August 12th if they held shares prior to July 29th.

PetSmart announced a new partnership with ToysRUs that is giving rise to a whole new brand of toys that will be released in Spring for pet parents since PetSmart vice president of merchandising, Matt McAdam has noted the strong bond between pet-owners and their pets. How do you think this partnership will affect the price of PETM stock?

Do you foresee any new dividend raises in the near future? August On the ninth, the nationwide system of banking in the United States, or Fed, made an announcement the short-term interest rates were going to remain low until Interest is the amount of extra money needed to pay back a bank or other lender over the initial amount borrowed.

Low interest rates can be a way of trying to boost the economy since it means that people that borrow money dont pay back as much as they previously did. A composite index is a weighted grouping of individual stocks indices. Investors generally try to have a portfolio index above the composite index of the market. This falling change is not something new for traders and investors: in the last week of July and the first week of August, U. Are you surprised that the stock market fell because of low interest rates?

Do you think most investors only read the Business section of the paper? August Time Warner, Inc. TMX posted its second quarter earnings earnings from April 1st-June 30th , which showed the fastest growth of revenue the company has seen in almost four years. Just like the school year is divided into quarters, so is the fiscal or financial year. The production Davis Divan measured Height was five feet even, and weight was 2, pounds without the removable hardtop in place.

Width was 72 inches, wide enough for a single bench seat that sat four passengers abreast. The steam iron-shaped body featured 11 body panels made of aluminum and zinc; also on board were inch wheels, disc brakes, and hidden headlights. The finished car boasted jacks built into each of its corners, which allowed for easier tire changes. Davis Divans were soon in the news, and were often featured in periodicals and newspapers.

More franchise agreements were signed, yet Davis had oversold and underfinanced his futuristic aluminum-bodied car. In early , prospective dealers sued Davis for breach of contract; company employees did likewise later that year, since many of them had not been paid after accepting an offer from Davis that promised them double pay after production began if they worked for free during the pre-production phase.

After a Los Angeles County District Attorney investigation, Davis was convicted on 20 counts of fraud and eight counts of grand theft by a jury in Davis died, of emphysema, in

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Couch potato investing 2011 chevy The Chief Executive announced that this new collaboration is an effort to increase the number of subscribers and revenue. Netflix aims to offset its slowing expansion in the US market by expanding into Europe. From throughSirius had an agreement with Wimbledon, allowing it to broadcast the championship. People change. Nutrisystem believes that its product availability in grocery stores will complement its already existing direct sale business. The company was originally created on the idea of distributing DVDs to customers through the mail. Ford, which was not bailed out, has rarely been in the news for its problems.
Couch potato investing 2011 chevy Have you had a chance to set up an account yet? In addition, they have introduced a line of flavored Dasani sparkling bottled waters for those wanting a healthier tasty drink. Since the same quarter one year prior, revenues slightly dropped by 0. Honestly, I became concerned with the e-bike. Reply Matt November 5,am Yes.
Trading indices on mt4 forex At the same time, one can still prepare as well as possible for any scary scenarios that may arise by looking at stocks which will likely remain stable for a long time. Since Pixar will not releasing a movie next year, it is good for Disney to see that this type of movie can succeed instead. The Roamer November 7,am Hi Robin It sounds like he might be a bit interested since he asked you the question. PetSmart has increased their payroll tax to 6. It has since expanded to be the largest online subscription plan to unlimited streaming of movies and tv shows. Sony Struggles to Keep Up After a not-so-impressive release of the Sony Tablet P in earlySony continues to search for its place in the electronics industry.

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Aug 08,  · Scott Burns created the Couch Potato Portfolio in In terms of Lazy Portfolios, the Couch Potato Portfolio is about as simple as it gets: a 50/50 mix of stocks and . May 25,  · Reading Time: 7 minutes. Couch potato investing is a passive investment strategy that adopts a hands-off approach to your portfolio. As a couch potato investor, you . Aug 02,  · Scott Burns is the creator of Couch Potato investing and a personal finance columnist with decades of experience. If you can fog a mirror and divide by the number "2" or .