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Claimant count change forexworld forex factory pip calculator indicator

Claimant count change forexworld

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Tuesday 10 November 6. Sentiment on the pound remains fragile given that a minimal trade deal between the UK and the EU still seems to be the best possible outcome of ongoing talks. However, South Africa is among the worst hit African countries from covid Since the start of the crisis in financial markets in late February, the country has released successive record drops in quarterly GDP and record high unemployment.

Analysis of the chart itself shows us another downtrend gaining strength. The current downward engulfing pattern would suggest more losses after completion. The key support into next week is likely to be the Claimant count change is the critically important release for pound-rand this week. However, the importance of other British releases, notably balance of trade, and of course South African quarterly unemployment means that volatility for GBPZAR is likely to be extremely high on Thursday.

It might behoove traders to use conservative stops and targets in the second half of the week. Tuesday 10 November 7. Analysis is not prepared in accordance with legal requirements promoting independent investment research and Exness is not subject to any prohibition on dealing before the release of analysis. Readers should consider the possibility that they might incur losses.

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Count forexworld claimant change bitcoin return calculator . Trading GBP Claimant Count Change

Nov 09,  · Claimant count change is the critically important release for pound-rand this week. However, the importance of other British releases, notably balance of trade, and of . Sep 18,  · July Claimant count %. ILO Labour force survey % – ONS BCJE. In recent decades, the gap between the claimant count method and the Labour Force method . In the United Kingdom, the change in the number of persons seeking unemployment benefits is measured by the claimant count. A higher than expected figure should be seen as negative .