professional forex traders wanted the movie
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Professional forex traders wanted the movie

It is based on the real-life testimony of Michael Lewis and focuses on those who saw the collapse before it happened. With a star-studded cast and boasting an Oscar win for Best Adapted Screenplay, this film is a must if you want to learn more about trading topics but are worried about staying engaged with the material.

Billions This high-stakes financial drama is not strictly about trading but does give you a pretty good view of trading practices. It is currently on its sixth season giving you plenty to binge as you catch up with the latest events while also providing you with some fascinating looks into the cat and mouse battle between the trader and the federal attorney trying to take him down.

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street This documentary takes time to look at the programmers and mathematicians, known as Quants, working in the finance industry and the role they played in the stock exchange. There is a lot of time focused on maths and formulas but it gives a fascinating look at how traders should avoid getting carried away by the numbers. We Trade Forex — Come trade with us!

The Pit Released in , this documentary gives a frank and immersive look at the rhythm of trading and the positives and negatives of the industry. With interviews of both experienced traders and those just starting out trading, this gives you a great insight into how things work and the impact of transitioning to electronic trading. Becoming Warren Buffett Another famous investor that most of us are familiar with, this documentary tells the story of how one of the richest people in the world remains humble while looking at how he made his billions trading.

With his trusted lieutenant Jonah Hill and a merry band of brokers , Belfort makes a huge fortune by defrauding wealthy investors out of millions. Summary Hopefully, one or all of these movies or TV shows have given you somewhere to start in order to get a view of how trading works and the financial industry. With looks at both the current state of trading and the mistakes of the past that serve as a warning to us all about hubris.

It also shows how wealthy people lose touch with reality, and believe they can toy with people for their entertainment. Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Following the success of Wall Street, and the status of a cult classic it was only a matter of time before a sequel made its way into movie theaters. Only to succumb to the ego that got him into trouble in the first place.

Sacrifice their relationship with his family to climb the corporate ladder, only to reach the top and figure out that having his family is more rewarding than the power that comes with running a brokerage firm.

The movies released flowing the financial crash of and attempt to play on some of the themes that caused the crisis. Becoming Warren Buffett Photo credit: Pixabay. Despite his enormous success, Warren lives a frugal lifestyle, something obvious from the documentary Becoming Warren Buffet. This is a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how the investor developed his career.

There are enjoyable moments that can be informative for young traders that are interesting in advancing in the profession. The reputation Moores has as a filmmaker that is capable of crafting thought-proving movies is justified with Capitalism A Love Story. The finance movie shows the implications of capitalism, and the stock market is the best representation of some of the worst aspects. For novice investors, the documentary is a great option to receive a better perspective on the industry, especially things that are not discussed in the book and other films.

The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley Venture capitalists search for young inventors that promise to disrupt the current order in a given industry with new technology. The tech industry together with medical companies is the most valued stock on the market. Logically when Elizabeth Holmes biotech company, Theranos can on the market investors flocked to get a pice of the company that many believed will create a revolution in blood diagnostics with a simple finger prick. The concept made Elizabeth a billionaire, the only problem was the technology she advertised was a lie, there was no working model of the idea she offered.

The documentary shows how the entire story evolved and the surprising fact that so many investors were susceptible to the lie, that created a company valued at 10 billion dollars. This is not the first time the stock exchanges are influenced by hype, which turns out to be only false promises. The story of Theranos is getting several other adaptations, and a few books have been written on the fascinating case.

Boiler Room Part of the attraction of trading movies is the glamour that comes with a high-paying profession and the excitement of trading with millions daily. In other words like with any industry, the perspective from the bottom is very different, and for many not an attractive place to be in.

Boiler Room is the best trading movie from a more realistic aspect showing the reality of the trading floor for regular traders. There are no boardroom meetings and people in expensive suits. Although the story is fictional, the content is informative, with actors Vin Diesel and Ben Affleck bringing some start power.

This is not a roller coaster ride of a movie, but it shows how a dump scheme works. Rogue Trader The real-life story about derivatives broker Nick Leeson, played by Ewan MacGregor, who hide the losses he had accumulated with unsuccessful trades, that eventually caused the bankruptcy of Barings Bank is the subject of Rogue Trader. It is a good example of the lack of oversight in some of the most important financial institutions.

Leeson was one of the most productive traders, yet the results he was showing were fake. The trader was able to hide the losses, and the bank become a were of the problem when it was too late to react. This British film is a biographical look at the life of Nick and the bizarre case of fraud that initially began with an unintentional mistake, that in an attempt to cover it up resulted in a collapse of a bank.

Nick was imprisoned for his criminal activities, by hiding enormous losses he caused the investment bank to lose nearly a billion dollars. Floored Traders are benefiting from software platforms that incorporate indicators that interpret charts and data enabling investors to make more educated decisions.

This streamlined process of trading is making some jobs redundant, not to mention that following the crisis in employment opportunities were reduced. Floored is a documentary that shows how technology is affecting Chicago-based traders that are in danger of losing their job because of the electronic revolution in trading. The best trading movies focus on hedge funds and managers but rarely do we see how the regular workers in the industry handle financial disasters that drive soaring unemployment.

If you want to be a trader, you show not focus only on the titans of the industry. Watching a documentary about Waren Buffet can be educational, but also it important to know how the hundreds of regular traders function and live. Billion Dollar Day The most liquid market in the Forex market that transact with foreign currencies, and this is the subject explored in Billion Dollar Day.

The film explains how each trader faces the issues that come with every market day, and the strategies used to resolve challenges and make a profit. The Financial Crisis Photo credit: Pixabay. This was the most severe economic crisis after the Great Depression. The crash was a result of the housing bubble in the USA that burst in the period between and and lead to the subprime mortgage crisis.

The crisis was years in the making, thanks to lax lending standards. In , the cheap credit is going to result in a need for reckoning, which arrived with the collapse of Bear Stearns hedge funds, initiating cascading effect. The epic financial collapse affected many ordinary that lost life savings and homes. The blame for the economic troubles, according to many economists is due to mortgage lending policies, that made it possible for people to borrow more than they could have realistically afford.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg that constituted the crisis. Many financial professionals actively took advantage of the unreasonable regulation for personal profits. Working as predatory lenders offering homeownership to people that were not able to pay their mortgages.

There were also a lot of investors that claimed to have made a revolution in the industry, by actually buying and resealing bad mortgages to investors. Many investors did not inspect the ratings, or focus on resealing the bundles before the entire bubble burst. Oversight by government institutions was also weak, and it created the opportunity for investors to exploit the situation that was advertised as safe.

Back to Top Conclusion Stock market movies are not going out of fashion. The financial history is full of examples of hedge fund managers trying to manipulate stock prices, and filmmakers are always happy to barrow a case and create an interesting crime drama. The financial world incorporates all the elements for a thrilling cinema experience. Unfortunately, the financial world is not learning from previous mistakes, and the audience is always interested in learning how could have things gone so wrong.

Yet there are also stories about professionals that played by the rules, and manger to climb the business ladder with risk-taking. All the movies on our list are required viewing for anyone considering starting a career as a trader on the stock market. See how money transformed people, and learn from the past performance of a hedge fund management. FAQs Which movie is based on stock market? There are many movies based on the stock market, Wall Street is the most famous movie on the subject, but The Wolf Of Wall Street is also popular.

What should I watch for day trading? Billion Dollar Day is a good documentary about day trading.

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